Monthly Archives: June 2016

Monday June 27th, 2016

Did you know that just thinking about something that makes you smile can actually lower your blood pressure and improve your overall health? Pretty cool, huh?!

In this busy age of computers, cell phones, working non-stop we forget that something as simple as a memory can sooth the stresses of the day away like an hour at the spa. For us, thinking about the great relationships we have with our patients here at Snow Orthodontics is all it takes. And right now, just looking at the fun entries in our Where In The World Contest on Facebook is bringing lots of smiles to members of our team.

Our patients are like family, only without any of the stress and tension that sometimes comes with actual relatives:-). We can think of so many awesome moments with patients, and they all make us smile. And the really neat thing is how often we hear that we make you smile too.

We know that not all memories are positive, but we’re really glad to know the ones we share together can bring a smile…and maybe even help us all live a little longer and enjoy life a little more.

Sunday June 19th, 2016

I remember one time (yeah, right:-), when I was about to go into an important meeting and one of my fingernails was chipped. I didn’t have any clippers or a file, so I used the only tool I had – my teeth – to give it a quick trim. Have you ever done that? Did you know that doing that could turn your chipped nail into a chipped tooth? It’s true.

Chewing on anything too hard (like ice or hard candy), anything too chewy (like gummies and caramels), or playing sports without a mouth guard can damage your teeth. Even drinking sugary drinks, wine and things with a lot of citric acid can damage your teeth. I’m not saying you can’t eat and drink those things, but be careful when you do, and clean your teeth well afterwards. Interesting thing though – it’s best to wait a few minutes after drinking something sugary before you brush, because you can actually brush the damaging stuff right into your enamel if you don’t give your saliva a chance to work its magic first. And remember, pencils and pens are for writing – not for chewing:-).

If you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong so that they will continue to do their real job of keeping you alive (eating) and making you look good (smiling) it is important to take good care of them.