Accelerated Orthodontics

Most of us have known at least a few people who spent years of their life in braces. This leaves many patients feeling hesitant about starting treatment. They want a healthier, more attractive smile, but they don’t want to spend a long time in braces.

The good news is that newer forms of braces work faster than those of the past. And the better news is that you can even speed those up by using Acceledent.


Acceledent Aura uses patented SoftPulse technology, which has been shown to speed up tooth movement by 50%.


Acceledent Aura is FDA cleared for use in speeding up tooth movement. Used for just 20 minutes a day, it helps to accelerate bone remodeling needed for tooth movement.


Acceledent Aura uses micropulses that are extremely gentle—much more so than even the pressure used when chewing food.

Interested in faster treatment that doesn’t compromise results? Talk to us about Acceledent treatment.