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Dr. Snow's Blog

Friday August 1st, 2014

The end of summer brings with it a lot of change. The less strict routine of the summer allows everyone time to relax, and set aside the pressure of having to be somewhere on time multiple times during the day. Summer also often brings a chance to explore new things; whether it’s a new skill or hobby, a new experience or a new place, summer often affords the freedom to do things differently. There’s so much to do in the Antelope Valley, I hope that some of your time this summer has been spent locally, exploring the towns and cities and all they have to offer. So now everyone is back to school, and the routine has started. It’s great to start back to school, start to read new books, and meet new friends. For parents, the routine of the school year is often a welcome change. When managing a family, a routine can provide a different kind of relaxation. Routine allows us to operate within a structure where decisions do not have to be made constantly. That routine allows us to make the majority of the decisions once, and then go with the flow. At Snow Orthodontics our routines are based on years of experience. Having established routines helps us to be efficient while at the same time giving us the ability to have fun with our patients. We can enjoy our time with you, because the routine allows us to focus on you. We bet the same is true to you at home. When you have a system for getting things done, there’s free time to relax and enjoy. We hope you enjoy the first month of back to school. It’s fun to start again, and get back to routine.

Tuesday July 1st, 2014

Since its beginning in 1986, The Hi Desert Children’s Dental Clinic has served the Antelope Valley by providing free dental care to children from low income families with no dental insurance. At the time of its creation, the need for dental services became apparent when dentists visited many local schools in the area. They discovered over 10% of the children examined had never visited a dentist; 20% had not seen a dentist in over a year; and approximately 30% of the children seen needed extensive dental treatment.

Each year, dentists and hygienists coordinated by Dr. Gib Snow offer and provide screenings for the children of the Antelope Valley. The school visits are provided purely as a community service and include no soliciting or self-promotion. Each screening visit begins with an interactive presentation about the benefits of good oral hygiene. Dr. Snow, or one of the other dentist volunteers then does a visual examination of each student. After the screening, the school health clerk is given a report of the screenings. The health clerk then alerts parents about their child’s dental problems and is given the information needed to apply for the needed services from the Hi Desert Children’s Dental Clinic. The families apply to qualify under the guidelines set by L.A. County, and family income, size and dental insurance available determines the ability to qualify for treatment through the clinic. Once a child’s application is approved, the Clinic Coordinator arranges for the child to be seen by a dentist in a private dental office. The office visit and the treatment are provided at no charge. Referrals also may come from school nurses and community organizations. The clinic provides bi-lingual services to meet the needs of the community.

The Hi Desert Children’s Dental Clinic is made possible through the volunteer efforts of local dental professional and generous community support.

Sunday June 1st, 2014

We’re excited to be launching our new website, and are especially pleased that it highlights many of our own patients! We felt it important to show the excitement of patients who are in treatment, as well as the joy of those who are now living their lives with a beautiful healthy Snow Smile! Please have fun checking out our new website, and keep checking back! We’ve got some great new videos that will be ready soon, and will continue to keep our website, along with our Facebook page updated.

Dr. Snow does! Check out the latest photos of Dr. Snow on a recent trip to San Diego, taking to the air! Dr. Snow wanted to try out flyboarding, and this Father’s Day he was given the chance by his family to take off above the water.

It probably took Dr. Snow about 5-10 minutes to get the hang of this sport and really get some air under him. With his family watching, he was even able to do a few tricks! Dr. Snow said that the board was much more stable than he expected and the instructor was really helpful to cut the learning curve. Figuring out how to stay relaxed made it easier to control.

The experience lasted 30 minutes, and time “flew” by so quickly, Dr. Snow was shocked when it was time to come down to earth! According to Dr. Snow “it definitely was the best Father’s Day present ever”, and he encourages everyone who has the opportunity to give it a try. It’s not as difficult as it looks, and it’s even more cool and fun than you imagine!