Orthodontics is often seen as a newer field of medicine. In truth, it has been around since the time of ancient Greece.

Of course, the field has greatly improved since then, with much innovation occurring in the last 20 years.

Modern orthodontic treatment is fast, efficient, and more comfortable than ever before. If your knowledge of orthodontics is based on experiences from two decades ago or more, now is the time to discover all the ways treatment has changed.

The latest advances in orthodontics has mad treatment more efficient, and more comfortable, due to high-tech wires with ligter forces and small brackets with precise engineering.

Snow Orthodontics embraces innovation, offering patients treatments that are tailored to their needs. From braces that don’t require regular adjustments to invisible braces that keep you looking great as you correct your smile, we are confident that we can offer the treatment that best suits you. At your initial consultation, we will go over all the options and craft a custom treatment plan.

At your initial consultation we are happy to discuss and show you all the options, to find a solution that fits your look and your lifestyle.