Love Your Rubber Bands!
Monday December 1st, 2014

For many of our patients rubber bands are a part of treatment that is important for bite correction. Your bite is the foundation of a beautiful Snow smile, so if we’ve given you rubber bands to wear, they’re important to getting great results.

When we start rubber bands (sometimes called elastics), one of our team members will give you detailed instructions about how to wear them. If there is anything you don’t understand, please ask! We will either have you wearing them 24/7, or just when sleeping. If you’re wearing them all the time, this means ALL THE TIME EXCEPT WHEN YOU ARE EATING OR BRUSHING YOUR TEETH. You can easily drink with rubber bands in, so please don’t take them out to drink! Some of our patients find that slipping their rubber bands on their finger while they’re eating serves as a reminder to put them back in. Just remember that consistency with your rubber bands is the key to success; the more consistent you are with wear, the sooner the teeth will be in the correct position!

Sometimes we find that someone is not wearing their rubber bands because their teeth hurt. When you first start wearing them, your teeth might be sore, so we recommend using the same pain medicine you would use for a headache. But keep wearing them! Starting and stopping elastics will only make your teeth hurt more and prolong your time in rubber bands! After wearing your elastics consistently for a couple days, you’ll be pain-free! This is definitely a time when it pays to “just do it!” and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful smile and healthy bite without braces! So, learn to love your rubber bands!