Meet the doctors

Dr. Gilbert Snow

Dr. Gilbert Snow has been creating beautiful, healthy smiles since 1971, and he has gained a reputation for providing the highest quality and most modern orthodontic treatment available. Dr. Snow is a graduate of USC School of Dentistry with a post graduate specialty degree from Loyola University in Chicago. He is a renowned speaker and presenter on orthodontics and Invisalign in local, national and international forums. Dr. Gilbert Snow founded the Hi Desert Children’s Dental Clinic in 1986, which provides free dental care to children from low-income homes and with no insurance. With the help of local participating oral care professionals, the clinic coordinates approximately 50 appointments annually. google+

Dr. Daniel Snow

Dr. Snow brings the same high level of commitment to each of his patients’ treatments. He is devoted to creating individualized orthodontic treatment plans that work for his patients’ different lifestyles and needs. He stays on the cutting edge of the latest developments in the field to ensure that his patients receive a comprehensive range of treatment options to achieve their treatment goals. Dr. Snow loves to see each patient’s treatment progress over the extended period of time that it takes to achieve stellar smiles. The most rewarding part of this process for Dr. Snow, in addition to creating brilliant, healthy teeth, is the trusting relationship he forms with his patients and their families. He eagerly looks forward to each new relationship just as much as he treasures the bonds he has already established.

Dr. Daniel Azani

Dr. Daniel Azani believes in providing friendly, personalized orthodontic care. His goal is to make his patients’ visits both a positive and enjoyable experience. His favorite reward is being able to impact others’ lives through his work and he believes it is never too late to work on improving oneself or one’s appearance. Dr. Azani is in the business of creating beautiful smiles and he loves it. It gives him the opportunity to make people happy by giving them a more confident and healthy self-image.

Dr. Karmen Massih

Dr. Karmen Massih strives to make each patient feel important and welcome at our practice.  Dr. Massih is always happy to personally sit down with patients and discuss their goals, needs, and treatment options to establish a foundation for their orthodontic treatment. She works together with her incredible staff and patients to find the perfect orthodontic plans for each person who walks through the door of Snow Orthodontics, and enjoys seeing the brilliant smiles on their faces when treatment is complete.

Dr. Nehi Ogbevoen

Dr. Nehi believes in delivering compassionate care to all of his patients. Each patient and family have individual needs and Dr. Nehi is able to deliver treatment to fit all lifestyles. From the very first consultation to the end of your treatment, you’ll notice a very personable, fun-loving and detail-oriented approach by Dr. Nehi. By staying current with the newest technologies and techniques, Dr. Nehi remains committed to ensuring your orthodontic treatment is both, as efficient and effective as possible. Dr. Nehi knows, there’s no greater investment than the one in a beautiful, confident smile!

Dr. Chris Swartz

Dr. Chris Swartz loves being an orthodontist because he enjoys making a difference in patients’ lives. Elevating a patient’s self-confidence and creating beautiful smiles is what he does every day with the help of the amazing Snow Orthodontics team. He really enjoys being a part of his patient’s exciting smile makeovers.

“Growing up my thoughts of a career revolved around either being an astronaut or an orthodontist. Quite a contrast. I started college in the Aeronautical Engineering Department and really enjoyed that first year but I decided to try the Pre-Dental Program while I was there, just in case that’s what I really wanted to do. I enjoyed the technical details of Engineering but it turns out many years later, my career as an Orthodontist has been the right choice. It has been an amazing adventure in a career making a major difference in people’s lives.”