Sharks Know About Teeth
Saturday July 2nd, 2016

We admit it. Last week we spent even more time looking at teeth than we normally do. That’s because it was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel – and talk about teeth! Some of those incredible animals have row upon row of teeth. And, for that one week, it seems like everyone is as big a tooth nerd as we are here at Snow Orthodontics. After all, we’re focused on teeth all day, every day.

Many of the kids who come to us for treatment talk about their “shark tooth”. This is a canine tooth that needs a little help to come down into the right position with the rest of the teeth. It’s a common problem that we fix all the time with braces, but sometimes the issues that need the most attention are the ones that aren’t so obvious. That’s one of the reasons we offer complimentary consultations to everyone. It’s a great way to see how Snow Orthodontics can help with the obvious stuff…and the important stuff that isn’t so obvious.

Photo found on Pinterest:-).