Time for Your Child’s First Trip to the Orthodontist?
Monday September 1st, 2014

Did you know that by age seven, your child’s mouth has grown enough and has enough sound structure to know how it will develop as the permanent teeth start to emerge? That’s why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children have their first orthodontic evaluation around age 7.

The Orthodontists at Snow Orthodontics perform many orthodontic evaluations on young children, and our staff is trained to detect any problems, such as crowding, deep bites, and open bites. Although orthodontic treatment will not usually start until years later, the orthodontic evaluation is instrumental in determining whether your child has any problems with the jaw and teeth early when they are still easy to treat. This can prevent the need to extract permanent teeth later, as well as prevent other growth related problems. Earlier treatment can also cost less to correct a potential problem than delayed treatment.

The benefits of an Orthodontic evaluation or consultation by an Orthodontist include:
• A better prognosis for how the permanent teeth will develop
• The ability to correct any habits that may be the cause of development problems, such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing
• Correcting bite problems like an open bite, cross bite or deep bite
• Lowering the risk of damage to any protruding teeth
• Creating a more pleasing and functional arrangement of teeth, lips and face
• Alleviating future, and possibly more invasive, dental correction

Snow Orthodontics provides a no cost initial evaluation. It’s easy to schedule by calling one of our convenient offices.